The Cooperative Board of Appeals shall be established through an inter-municipal agreement between the
Towns of Champion and Wilna, the Village of Carthage and RACOG.

Each of the municipalities shall, pursuant to the authority granted them under the Municipal Home Rule Law, hold a public hearing to amend their zoning relevant to the establishment of a cooperative zoning board of appeals. Such zoning amendments have been reviewed by the Jefferson County Planning Board as required by Section 239-m of the NYS General Municipal Law. The County Planning Board has adopted a motion recommending approval of the zoning amendments and commented "that the regional cooperation and shared services should increase efficiency and ease the training and volunteer burden on each of the communities involved".

The Cooperative Zoning Board of Appeals will meet the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30PM at the Town of Champion Municipal Offices.

Tina Kight Town of Wilna, Chairperson 12/31/2017
Debra Austin Village of Carthage
Vice Chairperson
Bridget Fetterly Village of Deferiet 12/31/2021
Robert Blank Town of Champion 12/31/2019
Matthew Gump Village of West Carthage 12/31/2020
Christina Vargulick, Secretary 10 North Broad Street, Carthage 493-3240