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Wilna-Champion Transportation Association

Wilna-Champion Transportation Association, Inc.

Wilna-Champion Transportation Association is a local nonprofit that provides shuttle bus services to senior citizens and the disabled.  They provide services to about 150 riders annually, which produces about 4000 stops each year.  There is a suggested fare for taking the shuttle bus, but no one is turned away if they are unable to pay the fare.

The Executive Administrator, Heather Tanner, can be seen lots of times helping riders onto the shuttle bus or helping to carry bags or groceries for them.  She is very passionate about the mission of the Wilna-Champion Transportation Association.  As well as, several communities that are serviced by the association.

The towns of Champion and Wilna, and villages of Carthage and West Carthage all help to provide funding to the association.  These communities view the transportation association as a huge benefit to their community.  The four communities also belong to the River Area Council of Governments (RACOG).  RACOG is very supportive of the efforts of the association and tries to find ways to assist them.

Heather Tanner

Executive Administrator

Wilna-Champion Transportation Association, Inc.
222 State St.
Carthage, NY 13619